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    I was a Republican till around 2000. That is when those that control the Republican party today demonstrated that their values were not those of the old time Republicans (or any thinking American). Back in the old days Republicans believed in personal privacy, small government, avoiding foreign military involvement and a compassionate conservatism. The Democratic party now has those values. The Republicans presently in power have shown themselves to be a party of greed and corruption. A party who believes they are above the law and the Constitution. Even the ones that I used to think were good now seem to take more pride in what they got away with than in what they accomplished.

    What once was a party of intellegence is now a party that believes that truth has no value and quips said loudy and often enough can substitue for honesty.

    When you actually talk to the public you find that most people are the same. You will meet a few that can recite all the talking points and think no further but  generally every thinking person has roughly the same, goals needs, and hopes.

    I suppose, the fact that you could not tell the party simply by the conversation illustrates that fact.

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