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View Diary: Did Melanie Morgan just pull her own plug? UPDATED! (64 comments)

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    Her box went blue with white stripes and she was gone... It apparently even caught Chris Mathews off guard too because they went immediately to the guy subbing for Tucker.

    For those who don't know Melanie Morgan, Officer Vic and Lee rogers (sp?) is part of a morning team in Northern California (Bay Area)radio. The station is called "Hot talk 560 KSFO" It is the same station that use to broadcast Michael Savage. As someone posted above...these people make Cheney sound sane. If memory serves me right there was a group here who had posted crosses and Stars of David and Crescents (even Wiccan symbols I think) along with a running count of the dead of the war in Iraq. She led a group of "bereaved families" who ended up removing the crosses of their family members killed in Iraq because they objected to their name being used for political purposes. She is definitely a nut job and a half.

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