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  •  If you would vote Conservative in Britain (0+ / 0-)

    you have not done enough reading.

    For example, you say that their policies are similar to Democrats' in America; well, do you see Democrats discussing a repeal of the estate tax?  Because the Conservatives in Britain are.

    If the Conservatives seem like someone you could vote for, it is only because, in comparison with the fruitcakes running America, they seem like sensible adults.  Fact is, they're still the same bunch of rich white guys looking to maintain the status quo.

    •  I grew up in Britain... (1+ / 0-)
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      ...I even chaired a chapter of the Liberal Democrats. I moved to the US in my early 20s. I am an active Democrat here and run an anti-poverty nonprofit. Also, my father is a local Conservative politician back in England.

      On the estate tax, it's worth noting that "death duties", as they're called in Britain, hit a far larger proportion of the population than the estate tax does, and (I think) at a higher rate too. It would be quite possible to oppose the repeal of the US estate tax (which would benefit only a few hundred super-wealthy families) and to support cutting death duties in the UK.

      When you make a decision on your party affiliation, you choose a party that is closest on balance to your own positions. Every party has some positions and some people you don't like. The Democrats, for example, have people like Ben Nelson and William Jefferson. I still support the Democrats overall. The Conservatives have their own wingnuts, like Norman Tebbit and John Redwood, but it's also worth pointing out that Conservative wingnuts would be middle-of-the-road Republicans in the US. The Conservatives extend over a spectrum from liberal Republicans through to Hillary Clinton. I prefer that to a spectrum starting with Dennis Kucinich and heading left, left, left from there.

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