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  •  Yet "Public Safety" is the cornerstone of fascism (4+ / 0-)
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    bree, greenearth, lams712, SacredCowTipper

    Always screaming they are trying to save lives and protect americans.

    Here we see they're full of crap

    There's a reason people are skepticalof things "authorities" and "officials" have to say. They would rather risk YOUR ass than let go of YOUR tax dollar.

    This will be a monument to conservative compassionate capitalism.




    •  Odd, that. (1+ / 0-)
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      The state used to want to get as much money as possible to fund, well, whatever, really, which includes infrastructure. The US Government seems to be a suicidal maniac, starving itself to death with tax cuts and cheap junk (think guns). Can a government be institutionalised?

      Also, please note that taking care of the goddamn infrastructure is an integral part of the state's economic function. Since all of a road's product (tolls, which do not apply to all the roads, are excluded) becomes other production and consumer units' added value. Which company would build something from which it has no product but is instead a constant drain on funds? Few private entities are as generous.

      And taking care of infrastucture is a cornerstone of a healthy economy. No infrastructure equals Africa. And that would be... an unwise direction to head.

      Omne malum nascens facile opprimitur, inveteratum fit plerumque robustius. - Cicero

      by Dauphin on Mon Aug 20, 2007 at 02:31:53 PM PDT

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