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  •  But the tax breaks and Iraq war! (0+ / 0-)

    I know these are federal issues, but my point is the same.  We are spending our money (yes it really is our money when we pay the taxes) on things that are not necessary, and we are ignoring funding of issues and projects that are urgent.

    This is a country wide epidemic of politicians spending money on what's pretty, not necessary.  You can look at the military spending contracts for any insight into how this works on a more easy to follow level.  But as a whole we are failing to properly use our tax payers' money.  

    Why you ask?  Well aren't you the bright student!

    The reason is quite simple, because as civilians we do not do a good job of keeping our politicians accountable for what we are spending our money on.

    Hidden earmarks (or any earmarks for that matter) are really what the problem is. Some will defend them and say "well if someone earmarked money for that bridge it wouldn't have collapsed", and I say "If we didn't waste money on earmarks that would never pass in the light of day, we would be able to properly fund our infrastructure".  What happens when you blow X amount of money?  You only have Y amount to go around (seems pretty logical, you spend therefore you no longer have as much).  You spend enough on frivalous issues and pet projects that have no business being tagged on to a bill, and then pretty soon we can no longer properly fund all the important issues we need to.

    I mean what the f*ck it's common knowledge we do not have enough money to go around as it is for everything that would be "good" for people to provide themselves with (because it is our money after all).  So even if we are not wasting money, we do not have enough to go around as it is for everything we should fund, so do we have the money to spend on things that are not of dire importance?  

    Accountability starts with 1 bill, 1 issue.  Until we become accountable down to that level, we will always have an inefficient treasury/funding, and the result is that more bridges will collapse.  

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