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    I absolutely hate this argument. I'm all for some personal responsibility and understanding where each individuals choice fits into the "big picture.", but that whole line of reasoning is a complete cop-out when it gets degraded to "its the stupid peoples fault".

    You could just as easily assign responsibility to yourself because you didn't make enough efforts to teach those people that they shouldn't believe that message. Even if you tried, you didn't try hard enough (or we wouldn't be in this mess). So instead of trying to find commonality with other groups and trying to support one another (which includes sharing ideas ie. educating) we shirk our own involvement and blame it on "those people". I highly doubt anyone voted to kill innocent motorist on any ballot. They were manipulated  by leaders they trusted (even if grudgingly). Maybe they're dumb, but you and I are stuck with those dumb people and until we embrace them and get as many of them on our side as possible, we're going to have the same dumb catastrophies.

    If a Republican equated a hapless totally innocent child in Iraq as a terrorist and justifiable target (or acceptable collatoral damage) you'd probably be outraged. They'd say "we'll they should have left Iraq or overthrown Saddam before we had to deal with him. Its their own fault or its their parents fault.  Its certainly not mine." Then you'd wonder how they could fall into the same logical trap you just fell into.

    I'm sorry for the rant, but I just hate to see people take the idea of a good thing like personal responsibility (can't think of a better word) and turn it into an argument for the unnamed horrors humans have inflicted upon one another by segregating themselves from their fellow human beings. My vocabulary could be more descriptive, but I think you can see my point.

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