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View Diary: Bush To America's Children: Drop Dead (348 comments)

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  •  I Will (0+ / 0-)

    apologize for the troll comment if you are willing to admit that this is just not true:

    this is america, and if you work hard, you are rewarded.  but you have to make sacrifices.

    Fate and luck are what it is all about.
    Just look around you.
    Sometimes, no matter how hard you work or how many sacrifices you make ( we live in a dbl wide, drive older model cars so I do understand sacrificing for your kids) or how much education you have you still can find yourself in a crappy job with no escape and no benefits.
    Yes, even in America.
    Amazing, I know....
    I can see not wanting to provide medical care to folks who work, but really cannot afford insurance, but I can not understand how anyone thinks that kids should go without health care.

    Actually I think this country needs to act like the rest of the world and provide health care for all of its citizens not just the poor.
    I would much rather spend my tax dollars on that then a immoral war.

    and I apologize for calling you a troll....

    •  i agree in part (0+ / 0-)

      so i at least want a partial apology.

      fate and luck can be huge, but you have to work hard too and sometimes you have to kiss some ass.  and you can't forget that there are choices. i have had to move a few times when the hospitals go on a cost cutting spree(the ceo's never get cut, strangely). start all over from the bottom on the vacation.  took a pay cut. got a raise. had to change hours.  it's a rat race, but it's not as hopeless or impossible as some say it is.

      the canadian system is just not going to work here.  we want it all now and for nothing.  that's not how their system works. my patients don't want to wait forever for their knee replacements, gallbladder surgery, etc. don't know the solution.  there are plenty smarter than me, but i don't see universal care being the solution.  look at the medicare presciption drug bill.  hugh boondoggle for limited coverage from what i hear.

      anyway, i'll take your partial apology.  gotta go to work.

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