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View Diary: What does Vick's vicious stupidity say of our Overall Morality? What should happen to him? (78 comments)

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  •  The only remorse Vick has (3+ / 0-)
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    is for getting caught. As King Kauffman says, he didn't make a mistake, it was a lifestyle for more than five years. Not only was he aware of it (he lied to Blank and Goodell when he said he wasn't), he financed and participated directly in it making him the kingpin of the whole thing. Personally I think he should have his freedom taken from him for as long as he was doing it.

    As far as whether or not his NFL career has ended, I would imagine it has. He's a so-so quarterback who had some promise but had yet to deliver on it. Given his failure to perform spectacularly and the baggage he has as a PR liability, it's very unlikely he will ever play professional football again.

    So many impeachable offenses, so little time... -6.0 -5.33

    by Cali Techie on Tue Aug 21, 2007 at 02:48:03 PM PDT

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