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  •  Let me clarify (5+ / 0-)

    I think the Repubs are situationally batshit crazy here.  That is, any rational political actor would see that distance from Bush is the way to hold onto a seat.  But we have the opposite problem.  Our unruly reps and sens are running away from wildly popular positions to embrace Mr. 25%.

    but the idea of running ads that systematically criticize pols who throw their constituents under a bus is not an entirely crazy idea.

    It's just crazy here.    

    "Terror is nothing other than justice...; it is ... the general principle of democracy applied to our country's most urgent needs." M. Robespierre

    by Bartimaeus Blue on Wed Aug 22, 2007 at 02:21:25 PM PDT

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    •  Don't Kid Youself! They Know What They're Doing! (2+ / 0-)
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      Hornito, leonard145b

      You have to see this in the context of the Democratic betrayal in September where weak-kneed cowardly Democrats become "convinced by the Petreus report" that "the surge is working". Then they'll fold like a cheap suit and give Bush another 9 months, effectively letting him run out the clock on Iraq. When they do, the ONLY people who won't be too disgusted to vote will be the hard-core war-hawks. Their base is united. Our politicians are united -- against us!

      come September, more and more Democrats will be unwilling to oppose the Surge and the war. It has long been conventional Beltway wisdom that September was going to be the Month of Reckoning -- when Republicans finally had enough and boldly joined with Democrats in ending the war, or at least in imposing meaningful limits on Bush's power to prosecute it.

      In reality, the probability that this would actually happen was always, is now, and will continue to be zero. As Kagro insinuates, it is far more likely that more Democrats will be converted from an anti-war to a pro-war posture by "The-Surge-is-Working!"/Petraeus campaign than Republicans will be converted to meaningful anti-war action. That was always the case and it is even more true now. Most Republicans and more than enough Democrats will oppose any actions to end the war. The war will continue, the gap between American public opinion and our government will grow, and the weak and divided Democrats will continue to be more unpopular.

      By February or March the pressure on Congress will be ramping up again, so Bush will unleash his war on Iran -- which will cause the Congress to fold once again!

      •  There base isn't united (0+ / 0-)

        Look at all the Evangelicals who are speaking in good environmental terms.  I will bet you that the Republican presidential candidate will receive the same amount or less votes than Bush did in 2004.  Whereas the Dems will get millions more than they did in 2004.  Let's hope it's enough to give us a filibuster-proof majority.

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