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  •  With all DUE respect kos, (3+ / 0-)
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    Which, I’m sad to say, is much diminished by your post, ending the war—NOT congressional races—should be our priority.

    You say:

    And what's best, they're putting pressure on Republicans that might waver because of electoral demands. In other words -- making it harder for those endangered Republicans to adjust to public opinion in their districts.


    They are actually attacking those members that most desperately need distance from the administration on Iraq.

    Put another way, Bush Republicans care more about Mr. 25%'s legacy, than they care about their own electoral chances in 2008.

    Amazing. And beautiful. Really, really beautiful.

    Perhaps my empathy meter is severely out of whack, an atavistic throwback to quaint notions wherein human death and suffering are illegitimate means to electoral success, but nothing connected with this fictitious, criminal, aggressive war seems "beautiful".

    Perhaps you’ve resigned yourself to inaction until January 20th, 2009, but count me out, because in the intervening 1615 days, countless Iraqis, and 1189 American troops (assuming the average casualty rate since the war began) will lose their lives.


    For lies.

    Nothing about that warrants celebration.

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