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  •  A tragicomedy in one act (4+ / 0-)
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    Sorry for the OT, not sure when the next open thread is up and I wasn't on when this was new news and etc etc. Apologies in advance for anything you want me to apologize for. Peace.


    Bush versus the rest of us: a tragicomedy in one act

    Us: Okay, so how much longer before we leave? You said weeks. It's been a year.

    Bush: We have to stay longer.

    Us: Okay, now it's been two years, and it's clearly a total failure. Can we get out now?

    Bush: We have to stay longer.

    Us: Okay, look, it's been three years now! It's not getting any better, and we're creating enemies all over the place.Since the whole rationale of this adventure was to accomplish the opposite of this, we've obviously made a terrible mistake and should face this. It's obviously not going to get better just by staying, can we leave now?

    Bush: We have to stay longer.

    Us: Okay look, it's now been FOUR YEARS of this! Our reputation in the world is in shambles, and terrorists are recruiting like crazy, largely because we're still there. Your own standing is rock bottom, and your entire party has now been dragged out of power, due in no small part to this disaster that never should have happened. You said at the start that it would take only weeks, not months. Then you said a year. Then two years. Now its been four, and no end in sight. This is beyond ridiculous. Can we leave now? Can you see what's clear to everyone else? Will you at least respond with anything other than "We have to stay longer"?

    Bush: We have to stay longer.

    Us: Sigh.

    Bush: .    ....and...

    Us: Yes? Yes??

    Bush:  ...we should go back to Vietnam, and stay there longer also.

    Us: (heads exploding)

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