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    The point of the early primaries and caucuses is not to pick a winner it is to thin the pool of viable candidates. I would be far more interested in people pointing out years when they think that this didn't work or somehow really skewed the result.

    I think most people in IA and NH actually understand what purpose they serve and the role they play. Clearly, a lot of the whining comes from people that, in my opinion, don't really grasp the advantages of how it works now and perhaps more importantly don't see what kind problems they would be creating. They are so wrapped up in the perceived injustice of the situation that they skip right over any debate with some facts to name calling.

    If I was living in CA I wouldn't give a damn if a bunch of smaller states went before us. It would just mean that a bunch of people in CA wouldn't waste their votes on second tier candidates without a prayer of winning the nomination. The only reason I would care is if a candidate that could win the nomination couldn't finish in the top 3 or 4; is someone arguing that is the case?

    I don't think it necessarily has to be IA and NH every election but I think it should be a group of small states going first. If you put a bunch of big states up really early then it becomes more a question of who has the most name recognition going into the campaign as well as who has the deepest pockets and far less a question of ideas.

    The kind of politics that you need to do if you have a small group of people and plenty of time would just not be possible in bigger states. If a darkhorse candidate emerges in the early primaries but 25% of the delegates have already been chosen instead of 5% (I made those numbers up to make a point) then it just doesn't matter --the winner could probably ignore everyone except the person in second place. With smaller states going first it is still pretty much wide open.

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