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    ...I do think there's great value in voices from different parts of society and certainly my own view is deeply informed by my era.  For reference, as you've been relatively forthcoming, I'm trans, fortysomething, atheist, queer...

    The "jumpable" part (poor choice of words on my part lol, given our subject area) was largely for what I took for fairly broad and prescriptive wording.  On one hand, I can look at taboos and agree with you about their value, and the value of both transcending them and defying them.  On the other, when translated into law or the mores of daily life, those taboos cause great pain and suffering, which seem to me terrible things.  Advocating for them without immediate caveats probably makes readers other than myself twitch...

    I was taking your point a bit further, actually.  Certainly there is value in having space where taboos protect certain kinds of intimacy (though it seems to me that those rules can exist easily without a larger social injunction).  But there is also, as you reference briefly at the outset, value in breaking those taboos, in lighting them on fire. And every era and culture will have different sets of things which must never be done, can't be done.  So that it's a constant process of discovery...

    Anyway, thank you for responding.  While you may not want to say things to me (I'm a contentious twit, I'll be the first to allow) I appreciate reading your observations.

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