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    In my own political venture, I am quite disappointed that my local Democratic Party refuses to take a position on anything fearing that they will "alienate moderate Republicans" who are looking for an alternative.(?) I have told them that they need to state their positions (and not just I support Obama, Edwards, Kucinich et al. They don't want anything "negative" Meanwhile today's Republicans call Democrats haters, Defeatocrats, baby killers, Commies,Terrorists, and other names too numerous to mention. The whole idea of Political Parties has become filled with hate, acrimony, and epithets bordering on violence, yet Democrats want to make nice and don't want to take a stand. The group as a whole won't come out as anti-war or pro-choice for everyone. They won't adopt a policy that recommends Impeachment or censure. They want to be pro-worker, pro-troops, pro-education, but don't make a statement on this. There are so many issues that individual members will go out and support, but the "leadership" will not come out and support any of these.
    Freedom of Speech is my big issue right now with Jeff and Sarah going to trial for their "Impeach Bush and Cheney - Liars" sign that they held over the freeway in DuPage County and with the fact that the "leadership" doesn't want us to carry our signs any more.(We will but not with them because there are other groups that will allow our signs.)
    The local Democratic Parties are not about "standing solid" on any issue...just about appeasement.
    It is because of this attitude that Kerry gets "swift-boated" and that Obama gets smeared and called a closet Muslim. Even the United Church of Christ is being portrayed as a Black, terrorist, Muslim church. WTF???? Hey I used to attend that church as a teen and I am not any of these...well, maybe I am...or not.
    But that is not the point...people need to stand up for some principals and state them over and over again. If you think Bush Co are crooks, liars, traitors, then say so...don't get namby-pamby about it. Don't say that Cheney is a smart guy but...I don't like him, say something solid!
    Sorry, this is so long.

    All I want from Congress is...IMPEACHMENT!

    by Temmoku on Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 06:20:41 AM PDT

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