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    I like what you 'tried' to say Teach, there are lots of differences in people, its the reason pure democracy fails, as the numbers of people go up debate becomes babyl. Current politics, even though we are supposedly a representative gov't, has only taken that limitation to the next level.
    Between the media and politicians playing to their power base we have been trapped in a whirlpool of distortion. It is the reason that so many of us are drawn to this site. Lots of differing views but at least each of us has the ability to offer what they can, and the rest can make corrections or judgements as they will. Out of that comes sometimes contentious reactions, sometimes hearty agreement but always a better understanding.
    One of the main problems with the way the R's have governed is that they have stopped listening, considering and legislating for the country as a whole. They've succomed to their own political rhetoric at the demise of the rest of civilization.
    We have a good chance to change that and return to the ideals of this nation if we do not get sucked into passionate 'dog fights' when we are baited with strawman logic.
    I believe that 'peace' is still a mighty weapon against the war profiteers and that Dem's everywhere would benefit from raising the idea of peace as something we should aspire to. Not only for the safety of this country, but policies that promote peaceful agreements around the world rather than proliferate the weapons that invariably come back to be used agaisnt us.
    I believe that accountability, open and honest government is a necessity. And, we need to make every effort to show just how bad a job the GOP has done with their lock step, rubber stamp congress.
    You are doing a great job Teacherken. Conscience is the link between humans and the spirit. Politics has become the antithisis, a way to seperate and divide the spirit of the country. I'm ever hopeful that the electorate will come to its senses, I often wonder if I've lost mine when I see some of the crap that protrays itself as political wisdom. Anyway, that's what matters to me. That and people like the crew here, that put me in my place and give me rec's for comments and most often respect the link that connects them to humanity. Peace to you too.

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