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  •  Well written and poignant as usual (1+ / 0-)
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    And I wholeheartedly agee.

    I do not know, however, how we get to elect (in certain areas like mine) even "moderate" democrats.
    The candidate for whom I worked to get elected in 2006 for Congress should have, would have won if the populace was engaged, informed, and/or not being led.
    Instead this is a district that will vote against its own interests.  It still stuns me.

    This district is heavily military with three bases.  It  was already quite right wing republican when I moved here in 1974.  I never thought it could go even further to the right.  It did.  We have a highway named for Saint Ronnie, the idol here.  Dobson and Haggard moved in and brought with them the "even further to the right" and blindly loyal religious right.  We once had two newspapers here, one very right wing, one fairly centrist.  Now we have one, the former.  The most moderate op-ed one can read here would be Cal Thomas. We still have in place a nut case county commissioner who got TABOR passed here, a law that has hurt the state and the populace in so many ways, and yet there are still some who buy it.  Grover Norquist is a hero here.

    Except for teachers, unions are non-existent.  And even with a relatively strong teachers' organization here with collective bargaining/master agreement, had I stayed in the east coast district, I would have retired at $20,000 higher salary than here.

    The candidate I supported was career military, retired; served in Desert Storm, graduate of the Air Force Academy.  Well educated, good speaker, open and honest.  The opponent couldn't win a debate against a n 8th grader as his speaking skils made George W. Bush look articulate.  He never served in the military and publicly told the voters he wanted to be "God's man" in Washington.  But he was a rubber stamp Bush man.  Scarily he won.  It still shocks me.  It shouldn't have.   But it did.

    We barely got press coverage.  Every right wing radio show is carried here.  We have one right wing newspaper.  People are kept ignorant by the media and many do not take the time or know how to get information other than what is spoon fed them.  Despite my candidate's explaining he owned a gun and was not supporting any "gun control" agenda, the NRA trashed him.  

    Now in this general election, I am stunned still that the only place where I can get the unspun to the right truth is here on the NET.

    I know that I am not in lockstep with any candidate and never will be.  No THINKING person can be and thus the liberal electorate struggles because as a group we will never be lockstep types.  But we do have to come together and elect a more liberal voice of and for the people.  

    I believe we must MOVE the center the center.   The center is well to right now.  And sadly it must be moved slowly. That is why there is angry friction here I think.  Those to the left are justifiably frustrated and want things to change FAST.  I am one of them. However, perhaps because of where I live, or my age (61) and experience of the last three decades, I have become a pragmatist.  I do not believe we can elect a candidate too far to the left...YET.  I believe a centrist is the best we can do because of the way the views are spun on corporate controlled media.   We must get someone in office who, if even not as far to the left as some of us, has the wisdom to know they must get regulation of the media back into the game; must break up the vast monopolies of corporations that dominate and control our lives. Until the truth is commonplace, the fear mongering of the right will be effective with many.

    I have to believe that any one of our candidates can and will do that.  Until that is done, it will be impossible to wake up the people to reality. I believe when many "moderates" do wake up and get the truth about things like Iraq and its relationship to oil, not terrorism, people's thinking can be changed.  I believe too many people have been frightened into thinking that if there is universal health care i.e. "socialized medicine" they will not get to see a doctor.  The pundits like Carlson, Hannity, O'Reilly get away with lying on air.  THAT has to end.

    I believe that as long as the millionaire pundit class controls what informations is fed and HOW it is fed according to their corporate masters, we will have to struggle to get out the truth.

    OK my stream of consciousness has gone on too long.
    But thanks again teacherken for opening a good discussion.

    •  sounds like CO 5th and Jay Fawcett (0+ / 0-)

      Jay is good people, but it has been a very tough district for Dems for all the reasons you say.

      Still, these things sometimes change, as the concerns of people change, as they are disillusioned by political and religious leaders whose advice they have previously followed.

      Perhaps I have always had trouble with the idea of someone like Henri de Navarre saying "Paris is worth a Mass" abandoning what had been a core principle in order to achieve power -  I have to ask "to what end?"

      But then, I am not running for office.

      Those who can, do. Those who can do more, TEACH! If impeachment is off the table, so is democracy

      by teacherken on Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 07:23:02 AM PDT

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      •  Yep (2+ / 0-)
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        teacherken, xaxnar

        that is where it is....and the lose still stings.

        I think, despite my pragmatist nature this days, a part of me is/was an idealist.  It was clear which of the men was honest, strong, community oriented, and the best candidate.  I still cannot get my head around the insanity that put Lamborn into office.

        I am actually embarrassed by that man's representation.

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