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    Both Durbin and Graham have said that the contents of the NIE (as well as the classified briefings and reports they saw) contradicted Bush's case for the war authorization that Edwards co-sponsored.  Do you have a link to Edwards addressing this assertion of Durbin and Graham?

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      However if Durbin and Graham were so convinced they should have spoken up.  Four Democrats on the Intelligence Committee voted with the majority in the Senate.  I didn't like Edwards vote but the information was not conclusive in the report.

      My question for Obama is why did he keep voting for the supplementals after he had said that voting for supplementals is being steamrolled by Bush.  By then he knew the disaster this was.  

      This is old stuff and I don't choose to pursue it.

      I am glad that Obama finally got a plan together for NOLA.  Now if only he can get action in the senate, it would be even better.

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      by pioneer111 on Sun Aug 26, 2007 at 03:58:31 PM PDT

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