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View Diary: Assemblies pastor calls non-dominionists "illegal aliens" on CNN's "God's Warriors"? (40 comments)

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    One possible way to get around this is to require the use of either accredited curricula or a curricula package approved by a state-certified inclusive homeschool association (exclusive groups like HSLDA would be expressly prohibited).

    Another step (just as needed) would be having state minimal requirements for all curricula based on grade level with a set of requirements that are non-negotiable.

    That way, unschoolers could actually (for the most part) operate in the same way they do now--for the "teaching evolutionary science" section, an unschooler could file a paper that they would be covering this by reading Robert Bakker's "The Dinosaur Heresies" and other books on evolutionary science combined with field trips to museums or even fossil digs--whilst dominionist curricula would not be able to be certified (as it would not meet minimal standards).

    I'll get into much more of this tomorrow, promise :3

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