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    Buying fresh food and preparing it takes time and it doesn't have the immediate salty, greasy taste that the fast fooders are used too.  Therefore it is not satisfying them. I have had guests pour salt on my dish because they are so used to food with high salt content and they can't taste unless it is salty. The other factor is people don't even know how to cook because it has become a lost art.  I think part of the fascination with cooking shows is because cooking is an oddity.  
        I have informally looked at my aquaintance's familiarity and use of cooking fresh foods and find it sorely lacking.  Some proudly say they cook but what they think is cooking is pulling out frozen foods and heating them or using 5 "phoney" foods to make a large, gooey dish full of fat and chemicals.

    "Do you want to tumble? Let's tumble." Stephen Colbert

    by tobendaro on Wed Aug 29, 2007 at 05:31:20 AM PDT

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