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    The thought of having my phone to my ear, right after I wiped myself grosses me out.  It's not like I can do that phone-neck squish thing.  Either my phone will fly away from and drop in the toilet or my fat cheeks will end the call.  

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      my daughter did that - she had her cell phone in the pocket of her sweatshirt, went to the ladies, and her cell phone fell into the toilet.

      I was heading to the airport to pick her up, and got this call from a number I didn't recognize (but it was the airport area code, so I picked up). When I asked her why she wasn't using her cell (I figured a dead battery) she told me what happened.

      She'll never live it down. It goes very well with the story of totaling the car in the HS parking lot her senior year (at about 10mph, no less), and having to RIDE THE BUS. (Oh the horror!)

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