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    Pat Buchanan on Hardball today:

    The party has terrible problems. The Moral Majority--these are good folks--they've been demoralized by the behavior of the party and especially these lurid sex scandals, Chris, and it's going to affect our party, or what was my party, because it'll demoralize them and they won't come out. But I don't think they're going to move toward the party of Hillary Clinton so much as they're just going to go home and say, you know, politics just isn't worth it because the people that we believed in really didn't merit our trust.

    The Demoralized Majority, eh? Not that they were ever "moral" or the majority.

    But hey, these were never the swiftest people in the world, so I'll cut them some slack in their moment of, um, what do you call it when your "moral" leaders are caught chasing after boys, having sex with prostitutes wearing diapers, and soliciting sex in airport men's rooms?

    Schadenfreude? Yippee? Hooboy? Shazam? The unmasking of what is and always has been the REAL modern Republican party and "Conservative" movement?

    I can just imagine the new Jeopardy category: Republican Sleazoids for $1000!

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