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View Diary: Breaking: Perry Stops Today's Texas Execution! (updated) (152 comments)

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    bobinson, Indiana Bob

    Would the fact that a condemned prisoner demonstrated genuine remorse for the offense and attempted to live out the remainder or her days as a model citizen carry any weight with you?  

    For an offense like these? Nope. It's impossible to judge sincerity and it's too messy of a question to try to bother answering in my opinion. You do the crime, you do the time. That's why we have sentences, sentencing guidelines, etc: to resolve questions such as these fairly under the law.

    And if so, if religion is what motivated that change of attitude, would you still object?

    Maybe even more so, since "religion" could just tell her to go kill people again later and there's no way to know that. "Hey, I just decided I'll never kill anyone again. It's for completely irrational reasons that make no sense, but trust me, I'm cool now!"

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