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    Divide the country into two sets. One set is determined by region. One set is determined by size of electorate.

    Each sub-set consists of either 5 or 10 states.

    Select one state from each regional sub-set making sure to correspondingly select one state (as best as able) from each size sub-set.

    These selected sets then form one primary day each.

    You could easily do this so that you have 5 large primary days consisting of 10 states each covering a geographically diverse as well as population diverse demographic.

    Or you could 10 primary days consisting of 5 states each also covering a geographically and population diverse demographjic range.

    My preference would be 10 primary days two weeks apart starting in February and ending in June consisting of 5 states each. Conventions would then be held in July and August and rotated between the two parties.

    States would then be rotated through the sets until each state had existed in each set once each and then you randomly start the rotation over again.

    Geographic location would take precedence over population size but you would select states as close as possible for size diversity as well.

    5 geographic regions might be defined as

    upper midwest



    "Parlimentary inquiry Mr. Speaker... does whining come out of my time?"

    by Andrew C White on Thu Aug 30, 2007 at 10:57:14 AM PDT

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