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  •  Depressingly (5+ / 0-)

    There IS no place to get out to...

    This is not an American problem, bu the worlds problem, humanity's  problem.

    There is only one TRUE solution.

    The People taking back the government, the country and the world.

    While these well intentioned idiots fiddle, the world burns.

    But we here are on the cutting edge of the true hope the leaders of the ...not revolution....but evolution. That is not an easy place to be!

    To know all that is going on but to also be in just the infant stages of the solution is a depressing endless and thankless task. But here and in MANY other places the networks are forming and the realization is dawning that all of the old forms are not just corrupt. But hopelessly obsolete.

    It is time to form new forms.

    These new forms are not made from ideology, ut from the necessities forced upon us to save ourselves and the planet from those who WILL destroy it if left unchecked. We weill not win right away but the presence of so large an 'evil' will push more and more into these new forms until a true change is possible.

    It is a race...a race to save the world from the incompetent insane idiots who see only their narrow insterests.

    I had hopes that the new Congress could turn it around...and we MUST still work politically.

    But it is the People united...through the new tool of the internet....that will ultimately make the difference.

    By saying to the leaders, NO MORE. You had your chance and you blew it. NOW you must listen to us.

    We are still a few years away, but in those few years the insanity will wake more and more people up  and join them together to take back the planet.

    (A new tool for this, my and others small contribution will be debuting soon)

    The People of the world are our only hope.

    So despair if you must, there IS just cause, lord knows.

    But realize to that we are only at the beginning of the fight. And there is always difficulty at the beinning. So despair, when you must....but...

    Fight on.

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