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  •  Sustainability gives meaning to life (6+ / 0-)

    in my way of thinking -
    What good is living in a manner that
    is bound for obsoleteness, in other words,
    it has nothing to offer the future, our children.
    It means we are living stupidly, selfishly and

    How so? By wasting natural resources on luxuries
    that our children will need for necessities in
    the future, luxuries that give little pleasure
    from resources that could end the suffering of

    What luxuries - energy wasting "stuff" like
    huge homes, huge cars,long commutes, endless
    consumer goods shipped from around the globe,
    and on and on. We use so much energy, so quickly,
    it's like the world is on fire.

    In the right wing way of thinking - this is
    all fine - resources are endless - everyone
    is able to have all they need and our
    abundance is a blessing for our virtue.
    People get pretty much what they deserve
    for the choices they make.

    If the right wing is really beginning to accept
    that global warming or oil depletion is a problem -
    It may be just starting to seep into their minds -
    but it hasn't occurred to them that any action
    might be necessary.  They seem to think that global
    warming is thousands of years away and that
    a lot of nuclear energy will solve everything.  

    Many won't act until the price of everything
    forces them to and that will happen not long
    from now. I'm looking forward to it because
    life will finally be real and meaningful. The
    grown ups will finally be in charge. When the
    party is over, we get to go home.

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