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View Diary: ID-Sen: Larry Craig's day of reckoning, live from Boise (135 comments)

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  •  If Craig was innocent of what the officer (1+ / 0-)
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    charged him with, then he would have fought it tooth and nail. If he really was "misinterpreted," then he'd have a small army of lawyers land on that officer's head. So even as I am confident that justice appears to have been done in this particular case, it still bothers me that ambiguous "signaling" is all they need to make an arrest and then pressure the perp into a plea.

    After reading the officer's written report and listening to the tape, it concerns me that he was arrested and convicted on -- what? his foot touched the officer's? he waived his hands under the stall divider? Is the gay sex in that bathroom so hot 'n heavy that they just don't have time to let a perp actually commit a crime?

    If Craig did everything that cop said he did, why not let him seal the deal? It was apparently imminent. Let him solicit the cop, or grope or whatever is the actual offense, then you've nailed him good.

    But to just initiate the arrest after some strange, non-verbal, and easily deniable "signaling" seems to me to unnecessarily open it up for interpretation and doubt (in the legal sense). I imagine that if the operators of that sting had known their quarry was so high profile, they would have given him enough rope to hang himself and gotten it on camera, too.

    As it was, the cop knew he had to get a confession out of Craig, as the "evidence" was hardly compelling, and he clearly handled him that way. He pressured him to take the deal so he could "get out of here" quick. He assured Craig that this information didn't have to come out in court if he just cooperated. It is a classic trap often sprung on closeted gay defendants: "We know you don't want anyone to know about this, so just confess and pay your fine and you can be on your way..." It perpetuates the whole noxious spiral of self-loathing homosexuals who feel they have no option but to hide in the closet. And no, you don't have to be a right-wing-pandering hypocrite to feel that from a cop.

    It is an unfortunate circumstance that police can (and are trained to) exploit a defendant's fear of being outed to convict on almost nothing for evidence. We have come a long way, but not nearly far enough; it is still a terrifying prospect for many to come out of the closet in Red State America.

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