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View Diary: Pentagon Pushes Apocalyptic Christianity. Hard. (275 comments)

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    Anna M, jds1978, ocdiamond, kyril

    A real concern, true; but there are two important things to bear in mind here:

    • In so far as this kind of evangelical religion is popular in the military, it reflects the fact that this kind of religion is popular in red state (southern and western) America, where the military gets its people.  
    • The people at the very top of the administration do not strike me as true believers in evangelical religion.  Bush himself, possibly; but there is evidence that this religion is just for show (I recall that he is not a regular attender of church).  Cheney, I very much doubt it.  If we attack Iran, it won't be because the Bush administration thinks it's going to lead to the Rapture.  It will be because they think they are protecting the oil supply or because they've decided that doing Iran will break the strength of all of our enemies in the region.  Important point:  the  military will not do anything without orders from the civilian government.  Military people take particular pride in that our military is not political (unlike banana republics and the like where military coups are common).
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      do NOT make the assumption that because it hasnt happened before ( ie a coup) that it cannot ever happen. that is EXACTLY the kind of thinking that leads hedge funds to lose billions of dollars and world leader like chamberlain  to make piece in our time with guys like dolf hitler...

      the military, under the guidance of a bunch of nut case fundies COULD try a coup, or worse.

      never assume it cannot happen, or that things could not get worse. im NOT saying they will happen, just that it IS a possiblity

      Welcome to the empire. life is not a dress rehearsal My record label:

      by johnfire on Sun Sep 02, 2007 at 08:35:34 PM PDT

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