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    FWIW, in the case of the dying head gasket, what was happening was the car was missing quite a bit, idling roughly--my mother, not being the mechanical type, promptly would accuse Satan of trying to make the car act up just to piss her off...

    (And yeah, she did and does this a lot.  Anything at all that upsets her is "Satan trying to oppress her" and will end in tirades of ranting in tongues and screaming at the devil to get the hell out of whatever is upsetting her at the time.  I myself was the target of these "exorcisms" more than once growing up, so I feel for the old Ford station wagon there.)

    Unfortunately, the Assemblies deliverance service type affair is not exactly a cure for a busted head gasket--the car eventually went tits up entirely, resulting in the next car (the one which eventually got the bad transmission--POS early Hyundais).  She also accused Satan of deliberately mucking about with the innards of the Hyundai, too, despite the fact that the more mechanically inclined members of the family had told her that the transmission was going and that this particular model was rather notorious for blowing transmissions... 9_9

    And yes, I have so many other stories in this general vein it's not funny.  My mother also attempted a similar exorcism on a dying television set... :P

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