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View Diary: Pentagon Pushes Apocalyptic Christianity. Hard. (275 comments)

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  •  I hate to admit it... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...but I really am scared.  We're looking at the fastest-growing religion in the country being one that scorns the use of critical thinking in favor of the literal interpretation of a highly figurative text - I mean, seriously, how does one look at an extension of technology and automatically think it's the work of some Anti-Christ figure and still be thought sane and rational?

    Shit, fifty years ago these nutcases would have been called for what they are and locked up.

    How this Rapture theology got to be so popular, I don't know.  It's documented fact that at no point in the Bible is anything like that ever mentioned - it's a name tacked onto an event in the Book of Revelations, but even that event is stripped of context by Dominionist theology.  (Twenty million "true believers."  144,000 get taken up to Heaven to watch their loved ones get slaughtered in Armageddon.  Feeling lucky?)  And Revelations itself was not meant to be a text of the future: it was very much an allegorical work of those times!  But these people... they don't believe that facts matter, they don't believe that anyone else matters - just them and their escape from the mess that THEY HELPED MAKE.  

    They live everything contrary to the words of Jesus: they do not care for the poor or the sick or the hungry - except as more converts for Christ.  They wage wars in the name of the Prince of Peace, and in the process everyone who thinks becomes an enemy and is thus subject to barbarities worthy of the Spanish Inquisition (which I'm beginning to expect).  They don't care that the line in the KJV Bible about God giving Adam "dominion" over the earth is mistransliterated and that the real meaning of the Hebrew word is "stewardship" - if they cared, it'd mean they'd have to stop the war machine due to the destruction and waste it creates of Earth's raw materials and the pain and suffering it inflicts on other human beings.   Can't have that - onward, Christian soldiers!

    And they excuse their own hypocrisy - and their crimes against their God and their fellow human beings - by claiming that "whatever you hold true on Earth, God holds true in Heaven!"

    Just so long as they get their rewards, the rest of the world can (and will) burn in Hell for all they care.  But as it stands now, unless the sane can somehow take back control of the government, we're looking at everything and everyone going to Hell in a handbasket.  Not quite literally.

    Sorry about the rant - but the INSANITY of this doctrine is dwarfed only by the fact that it's actually gained such power in this nation as to have almost gotten a stranglehold on reason.  And like I said - I'm scared.  Genuinely scared.

    You can't argue with a fanatic or a crazy person, and these people are BOTH.  God - I'm serious here, you and I haven't agreed on much in the past but if ever you listened to me, hear me now - please, for all our sakes, save us all from your followers.

    "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

    by The Peanut Gallery on Mon Sep 03, 2007 at 04:59:33 AM PDT

    •  It's mainly about marketing... (0+ / 0-)

      Plus, charismatic forms of Christianity are probably more fun - they tend to feature more and better music than mainline Christianity and more spontaneous services...

      And, fundamentalist Christianity has been pushed with far better marketing, I would say, and with a mind to meeting people's needs at least locally. There are a lot of reasons I could give as to why fundamentalist and apocalyptic Christianity seems to be spreading and none of those reasons would have anything to do with the underlying ideology being, in my opinion, sane, benign, or for that matter well founded in Biblical scripture.

      In terms of combating this, well...

      There are some very interesting specific wedges that can peel apart the complex of beliefs that tend to make up the package.

      One of my favorite :

      Fundamentalist Christianity is most problematic when it's heavily politicized, and American fundamentalism became heavily politicized only recently, partly through the construction of a narrative, backed by the fake American history of David Barton and others, that the "Godly Christian heritage" of America has been stolen by "secularists", "humanists", and other allegedly nefarious groups.

      In short, the motivation for the fundamentalist entrance into politics is based on demonstrable lies. Biblical interpretation is always a morass, but American history is comparatively recent, and the lies of Barton and his ilk are not difficult to demonstrate.

      Pull away the fake US history, and the edifice of Christian nationalism comes crashing down.

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