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  •  Berdyaev. (none)
    I assume the Berdyaev bit was directed to me.

    He was a Russian/Soviet Christian philosopher in the early 20th century. I think he was popular in the English-speaking world in the 40's and 50's, since I've caught references to him in the literature of the period [ie, in Thomas Merton's journals, Berdyaev is quoted almost continuously for 7 years in the 50's]. I've just started reading The Meaning of the Creative Act [1914]. I'll just type out the last part of "Author's Preface for the German Edition".

    ... But now as then, I still believe that God calls men to creative activity and to a creative answer to His love. Our creativeness should be the expression of our love toward  God. But the crisis through which humanity is passing, which is expressed first of all in the bankruptcy of humanism, to-day seems to me more tragic, and offers no hope for the possibility of an immediate move into religious creativity. We shall have to pass through a period of darkenss before the new light beams out. The world mus look forward to a period of barbarization. Man is a creator not only in the name of God but in the name of the devil as well. This complicates the problem of creativity. But we must n ot be led astray into reaction against the creative spirit in general, by the power of Satanic creativity in the world of to-day. The Christian renaissance can be only a creative renaissance. Creativeness neither destroys nor diminishes the eternal truth of salvation: it merely reveals the other side of Christianity; it enlarges the Christian truth.

    From Berdyaev, Nicholas. Tr. by Donald A. Lowrie The Meaning of the Creative Act. Collier Books, 1962.

    He's more hip than that indicates.

    •  Thanks for the ref! (none)
      I'll have to look him up when (if) I dig myself out from my current backlog.  He does sound interesting...

      I am not like any other pastor you've ever met.

      by pastordan on Tue Jul 13, 2004 at 06:19:23 PM PDT

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      •  If you have a backlog... (none)
        ...don't bother, he's the sort of guy to either have read long in the past or read at leisure. He's not really important enough to read when you've got work to do. Maybe a short article or something, but certainly not a book.

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