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  •  I voted for Kucinich in the 2004 primary (3+ / 0-)
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    because I didn't believe any of the candidates or the party on Iraq. I wrote about that at the time. So your snark is misdirected.

    Was I right, or was I wrong?

    (Fwiw, I called over 1500 people in swing states over three weeks for John Kerry and encouraged many others to join it's not like I didn't and won't put my shoulder to the wheel.)

    You don't see me advocating for Kucinich (a weak symbolic candidate) in this diary so much as for holding our leadership accountable. That includes Ron Dellums and Barbara Lee. (Not exactly a popular stand here in my home town.) Why do I take that stand?  Because I think something needs to change that isn't changing.

    If we can't make positive change in Oakland and Berkeley given our will and our resources, how can we make change anywhere?

    Jerry Brown was NOT acceptable. That's just the truth.

    k/o: politics and culture

    by kid oakland on Sun Sep 02, 2007 at 07:39:33 PM PDT

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