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View Diary: levers and fulcrum points: the death penalty and marriage equality (29 comments)

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  •  Not sure what to think... (2+ / 0-)
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    kid oakland, lgmcp

    kid oakland is right in principle. But perhaps as a matter of political calculus, Edwards' position is prudent.

    But I think a lot of the mistakes the dems have made over the past couple of decades have involved capitulating to conservative rhetoric, and to an image of 'ordinary Americans' that smacks of something like despair; I'd hate to see us go back to focus group politics. If the case for equality were made more often in terms like ko's...

    Gay equality is such a powerful fulcrum point. We abandon it, and gay Americans, at our political peril. The exact reverse of the "defense of marriage" the idea that "gay marriage" somehow threatens "non-gay marriage" true. When we stand up for the equality of every household, of every family in America, we are nurturing and supporting every family unit in our society. Our position in support of gay families is consistent with our support of traditional families and our support of non traditional families. There are far more non traditional heterosexual single people with children and unmarried couples who will benefit when our political party takes an unequivocal stance on the equality of every family and household in America.

    maybe we could change minds on this rather than waiting for them to change. The 'defense of marriage' schtick is so irrational that it has to give way at some point.

    •  Our inability to talk about the right to choice (7+ / 0-)

      most recently evidenced by Hillary Clinton, is the reason we have John Roberts and Samuel Alito on the Court, and further, why Kennedy is tacking far to the right on abortion.

      This isn't just our politicians. Bloggers who ruthlessly make short-hand political calculus and relentlessly talk about horse race politics actually contribute to this effect.

      Our lack of self criticism in this regard is pretty glaring.

      The truth is that fence-sitters don't move when they are coddled. Society does not change when you give it the "easy oatmeal option."  John Edwards should know this.  Anyone familiar with the scriptures of the religious tradition he belongs to knows that the entire Christian gospel is based on this notion: "bringing a sword" "salt that loses its taste" "the light under the bushel basket" "the tree that bears fruit" "new wine in old casks"

      Change does not happen by coddling.

      k/o: politics and culture

      by kid oakland on Tue Sep 04, 2007 at 03:56:01 PM PDT

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