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  •  She is not only ... (4+ / 0-)

    ... a single U.S. Representative.  She is Speaker of the House.  It is her job to unify the Democratic caucus.  If the news is correct, if she compromises and goes with the Blue Dogs, if she does not do her job, then yes, I believe the scorn is directed exactly where it should be directed.  This is not personal and it has nothing to do with Pelosi's beliefs or personal behavior.

    There are folks who will die if she doesn't do the right thing.  This is not a dramatic statement.  It is reality.

    I'm not speaking politics and applying pressure.  If she and Reid capitulate on the war any more, that's that.  It's not about spinelessness, it's not about name calling.  They will be scorned, and rightfully so.  They are where they are at this point in history.  It is up to them.  Let's see what they do.

    •  I disagree. She is the speaker of the House, (1+ / 0-)
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      a Constitutional office.  I believe she has to try to unify the Congress in support of her views, and I would hope that means passing Democratic legislation and achieving Democratic goals.  But I respect her apparent guiding principle that she is Speaker of the whole House.  I respect that she is considering that aspect of her office.  After all, we Democrats are not like the Republicans.

      How she has voted as an individual Congressman is relevant.  How she has lead others to vote her way (and the Democratic way) is also relevant.

      I have no doubt she knows that people will die base on her actions.  I have no doubt she cares and weighs these matters.

      At base, I submit to you, there are Congress members who deserve our ire, rather than Speaker Pelosi.  

      •  Eh. (1+ / 0-)
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        Again, I am not making a personal judgment on Pelosi, so yes, how she voted as an individual Congressman is irrelevant in this situation.

        Your notion that it is admirable to try to unify the "whole Congress" given the situation we are in presently is astonishing to me, especially in light of the fact you agree:

        ... she knows that people will die base on her actions.  I have no doubt she cares and weighs these matters

        If you honestly believe that compromising with the Repubs on this issue is admirable, then I really don't have much else to say.

        Pelosi is Speaker of the House by virtue of the 2006 elections, elections which were won by Dems in large part because of the wish of the people in this country to stop this obscene war.  I don't think anything you have said lets her off the hook on this.

        This is not about other folks in Congress "deserving our ire."  I'm not saying we should feel scorn for anyone -- I am saying, a great many Americans will feel it if our leadership does not show true opposition to this misAdministration, something the people of the United States have charged them to do.

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