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  •  Factually incorrect! (6+ / 0-)

    Clark was the lone voice in the 2004 presidential campaign, talking about PNAC. He spoke about it at almost every campaign stop and in interviews with Josh Marshall and others. In fact, I personally had no idea what PNAC was until I heard it from Clark. As per usual, he was ahead of the curve.

    As for the "Surge"......

    How about his Op-Ed in the Independent to start with?....

    Wesley Clark: Bush's 'surge' will backfire

    So when you say he has been are factually incorrect. He has been leading on these issues for years. Continuing to talk about them when he was an analyst in Faux and now on MSNBC, in particular..Keith Olbermann, not to mention his Op-Eds ........oh yeah, and at Yearly Kos too.

    So, since his views have been out there, and anyone paying attention knows this, I have to conclude that you posted what you did for less than honest purposes.

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