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  •  Thanks for the wake-up call. (0+ / 0-)

    I agree that the fundie control over AFN is a pressing current issue and, frankly, I have no objection to your using Kennedy's death as a stimulus. Just as Falwell's death triggered much discussion of his pernicious impact on American politics, Dr. Kennedy's should too. In my view, this is neither crass nor dishonorable.

    However, I do wish the diarist would learn the difference between a colon (used to introduce lists, examples, quotations and appositives) and a semicolon (used to link independent clauses, join related sentences and separate items in a list).

    Unless I've missed one that is properly used, all of the semicolons (;) in the in this diary should be colons (:). It's a very minor nit in an otherwise good diary.

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