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  •  Well, OK.... (2+ / 0-)

    But, given that the promotion of partisan, sectarian versions of Christianity can be shown at the Pentagon (leadership) level you might want to talk another look.

    Also, previous MRFF research cited on this and other news sites has detailed particularly noticeable religious and sectarian bias on specific US military bases.

    If you have not encountered or noticed any climate of religious discrimination, there are several possibilities ;

    1. You have not noticed what many other have.
    1. You have been exceptionally lucky.
    •  no, not really (0+ / 0-)

      Given the fact that I've had a pretty broad base of military experience, I can say confidently that you're flat out wrong.

      If others have noticed such things I'm quite sure it would have come up in conversation at least once. I've had very close dealings with literally thousands of servicemen and women.

      Lucky not to notice such things? If there was this big religious push at the highest levels (or at any level) I would know.

      Look, I'm not sure what you're trying to portray. But we are NOT the al-qaeda if Christianity. There is no religious push. Heck, most of the guys that I work with (and worked with) don't even strike me as particularly religious people.

      When it comes to the military there are far more pressing (and real) matters than worrying about Basic Training becoming Jesus Camp.

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