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View Diary: A Call for Floridians to Join Me: Switch to GOP! (67 comments)

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    your vote should count?

      but a primary is a party affair, subject to the rules of the party other than those required by the voting rights act, but so long as a party does not deny it members the right to vote it is legal.  What interpretation the national party gives to that vote is up to the NATIONAL party not the party in the individual states.  It is therefore, not up to the individual state parties to decide the order of the primaries -- that is the national party's prerogative.  
      So, your vote will count, but only if the primary conforms to the rules set by the national party.  I think you are wise enough to recognize that without the national party making those rules, the individual state parties could get into a competitive game where each one vied to be the first and all the primaries could be TOMORROW if all the state really wanted to be first (in which NONE would be first)...hardly the orderly process which everyone thinks is desirable.

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