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    Look, as a former philosophy student I have to say, we're entering the realm of totally unproven and unprovable allegations once you start talking about intentionality.  It seems you think the choice of subject matter on this site works like this: since we are against Bush, given a subject X that is not good for Bush, politically, our interest in said subject only exists insofar as the subject harms Bush.  I've heard this sort of argument before - the old "Bush-bashing" canard - and it strikes me as fundamentally nonsensical.  Why would I be against Bush if he wasn't, to overgeneralize, doing a lot of harm to the country I love and betraying certain ideals we hold such as.. democracy and the rule of law?  Why else would I be against Bush?  If it weren't for that, he's just a guy like any other.

    What I'm saying is, and I guess I'm going to sound like a mushy liberal here, basically I believe most of us are here first and foremost because we're concerned for the health of our democracy, and not primarily because we're against the SOB and his cabal who are currently threatening to wreck it.  I suspect this will be quite evident when Bush is sent back to Crawford after November and this site keeps on growing instead of disappearing in a puff of smoke once Bush is no longer around to chalk up points against.  

    I think you look at peoples' motives quite differently than most liberals do.  Perhaps I see the average Joe on the street and am wary of his actions and wont to think he is only out for himself, but this is, after all, a self-selecting community.  And I don't think a group of mostly liberals and progressives really only care about horrific abuses committed by our government - utternly sickening human rights abuses - simply because they might advance us one more move on some abstract political chessboard.  

    The emperor has no brains.

    by daria g on Thu Jul 15, 2004 at 12:17:27 AM PDT

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