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View Diary: Kids sodomized at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has the videos - Hersh (430 comments)

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  •  "hillbillies" (none)

    Having grown up with some "redneck asshole misogynist racist bigot homophobic bigots", I can assure you that many of them do not live "luxurious lives replete with material possessions."  Many got an second-rate high-school education, were regularly "whupped" by parents and paddled by teachers and brainwashed into thinking that it was good for them.  Too often, they now do unpleasant and demanding work for low wages with  RAMRBHBs bossing them around.  They watch their children do without college (unless they join the service and nobody whacks them) and often medical care -- forget about braces.  Half their days of rest they lose their morning to some cleric (who may well enjoy a luxurious life) bawling hellfire and obedience at them then demanding a tithe of money for the church.  Politicians and the rich folks on the church board (who pay the pastor) strive to deflect their reasonable anger to a convenient outsider instead of the corrupt politicians, stingy employers and corporate monopolies that cause most of their grief.  

    And we are hardly alone in having large minorities of proto-fascists.  France went 15% for Le Pen, the British National Party has seats in the Parliament, and the Canadian Conservative Party has quite a few wingers in their ranks as well.

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