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View Diary: Kids sodomized at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has the videos - Hersh (430 comments)

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    Here in the Detroit area, the elder John Dingell (New Deal Dem Congressman, father of the current congressman who took over the seat when his dad died in 1955) held rallies in Detroit to draw attention to the killings of Jews in Eastern Europe.  His district was fairly heavily Polish, but it also included the most heavily Jewish neighborhoods in Detroit, so through both Jewish groups and connections with the various branches of the Polish resistance, some news was getting back to Americans, and Dingell, because of the demographic makeup of his district, was better suited than most to connect the dots with the information coming from different lines of communication between Europe and the U.S.  But while the Jewish and Polish communities had some knowledge and were agitating for action to impede the massacres in the East, that knowledge never really settled in with many other folks.  

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