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View Diary: Obama to reboot his Iraq policy/rhetoric on Wednesday (295 comments)

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    at the time the US was trying to keep the USSR from expanding further, which they were trying to do in Afghanistan.  helping them was, in a sense, fine.  but once you've developed that relationship with a country, you can't just abandon it.  a group like the Taliban is able to come to power in a country like that because of a power vacuum, and because of neglect from the rest of the world.  we should have stayed involved with them.  not telling them what to do kind of involved, but a firm "we'll help you all if you don't go extreme" kind of involved.

    there isn't a direct connection between the mujahadeen fight against the USSR and Bin Laden's hatred of the US other than that to someone like him, its very confusing how US policies can change drastically from one administration to the next.  his complaint about US bases in Saudi Arabia, where he had been kicked out of, is silly and incoherent.  if he really had a problem with that, he would have taken it up with the Saudi government, as they requested the bases!  his real problem was that he thought the US would keep kissing up to him, funding and supplying him, and would just kind of do what he said.  he's an egomaniac.  hard to reason with those people.  but anyway, we didn't do that, we were just outta there once they had served our purposes.  he saw that as a betrayal, and has been looking to fuck with us in whatever way possible ever since.

    Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time - for y'all have knocked her up. ~ maggot brain

    by itsbenj on Mon Sep 10, 2007 at 02:15:39 PM PDT

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