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View Diary: The Plan Reeks. At Least Give Us a Decent Catch-Phrase (134 comments)

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    Return on Success (ROS) immediately sounded to me as if they were trying to highlight Bush's "CEO Presidency" -- similar to Return on Assets (ROA) or Return on Expenses (ROE).

    It still fell very flat. So much for that "hard earned" MBA.

    But, Bush used it again in his press comments earlier today. He must think he can get it to catch on. It's so silly sounding that anyone using it will immediately and absolutely be pegged as an administration shill. They had slim plausible deniability before since the terms they chose to use could possibly have been a coincidence rather than a closely choreographed PR campaign -- if you squinted and muted the TV while they were speaking. But, Return on Success -- come on.

    Today it was as if he just strung together all his past phrases, threw in ROS, thanked the press for listening, and then walked off. Pretty much, same old, same old.

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