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    I taught in Head Start, high school, upper division/graduate school at a major university and adult education here and there.  Ended up on a university faculty.  Over those years, I taught in two major disciplines:  non-Western history and biology.

    Critical thinking, logic and the willingness to tolerate not knowing "the answer" are central to all learning, whatever the discipline.  I always figured people would forget the "facts" (I sure do/did) but keep the intellectual skills.  Took a lot of grief for this from various administrators (below the university level), but I don't think my students lost it all the day the class ended.  Sure hope I'm right.

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      information recall. That's one reason why it makes no sense not to teach thinking skills, logic, etc. as well as promoting the excitement and enjoyment of learning.

      Sounds as if you've had an interesting career. I was unable to get a job as a h.s. English teacher when I got my degree because that year there were 100k "surplus" teachers! Lots of them in English.
      But I did enjoy a year's stint teaching 4th grade! Teaching is a great profession.

      "...we overemphasize what technology can do. The most important fusion takes place inside people's brains." -Amy Zegart

      by Gorette on Sat Sep 15, 2007 at 09:02:02 AM PDT

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