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    A Siegel, dotcommodity

    Everyone say hello to our new PortaPooper!


    For us, there are a few huge drawbacks to our composting toilet:

    1. The number of people using it exceeds its rated capacity, leading to frequent emptying.
    1. If the temp gets below 60 degrees, it can stop composting. In our cabin, the temp often gets below 60 degrees.
    1. Worse, in the winter, since the only heat is a single small wood stove, if we go out for an extended period of time (say 10 - 12 hours) and the wood stove goes out on a cold enough day, the outflow pipe can freeze. You do NOT want to know what happens when the outflow pipe freezes. You just don't.

    So, we've decided to move the composting toilet into the new outhouse for 3-season use, and use the new portapooper for our "in house" as we call it.

    We have a large supply of buckets to use for a bucket system - we're collecting waste veggie oil from the local pizza place, and the oil conveniently comes in exactly the size bucket needed for the portapooper.

    Even better, if we have a big barbeque or something, we can always bring the pooper outside and put it into a little tent for privacy, so people can use it without tromping through the house, and an unusual advantage, when we move it outside, we set it up to be handicapped accessible, which the cabin isn't.

    Beware the everyday brutality of the averted gaze.

    by mataliandy on Fri Sep 14, 2007 at 03:35:47 PM PDT

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