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View Diary: One Million-Plus Violent Iraqi Deaths (So Far) (219 comments)

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  •  I think Red America and Blue America would unite (0+ / 0-)

    When I imagine what my neighborhood . . . would be like under an occupation, I know that the first ones who would be talking about going out and killing the occupiers are the very ones who say we should stay in Iraq now and keep killing. In my neighborhood, here north of LA, those are the guys with pickup trucks with NRA stickers.

    Right. Those are the types you would want to get close to to do your duty as an American.

    I also imagine that a lot of the little feuds that have gone on between me and these redneck fucks would become a little grudge match with guns, because I know they'd love to kill me too.

    No I think that if there were a lot of foreigners in the streets killing people you would find that you have more in common with them (and they with you) than you all had thought before.

    Just look at the way killing Americans can bring Sunni and Shia together in Iraq.

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