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  •  What lofty thoughts (8+ / 0-)

    for such a drab Sunday afternoon (where I am, at least).

    I had the pleasure of seeing some of my young 20 year old friends this weekend.  I love getting them to talk about their lives.

    One of the girls in particular is abused by a shithead boyfriend.  You know the story; it's the same one as all the millions of others.

    But I told her that our biology is no where near our technology, and that biologically we are still picking berries in the woods and hunting elk with spears (or something to that effect).  The fact that we deal as well with these modern and totally unnatural surroundings as we do is a testament to humanity's ability to adapt, and we should give ourselves some credit for that.

    But more to the point, that's why we're so fucked up as a group in general.  At least that's my idea.

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