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  •  I have been thinking (10+ / 0-)

    of the lack of books about women that there were when I was growing up.  Now, there are many books that show women were exploring, climbing mountains, writing newspaper columns, and having adventures, but I was much older when I found them.

    Reading the new history books for school children...has it changed much?  Alongside Lindberg's flight does it mention the lady Beryl Markham who flew solo from west to east?  I don't know because I have not checked recently.

    As a young adult, she trained horses, becoming the first licensed female horse trainer in Kenya. She later took up flying, becoming a bush pilot and the first person to fly the Atlantic Ocean east to west (solo non-stop flight). These experiences were chronicled in her critically acclaimed memoir, West With The Night, published in 1942.

    Do we know that Isak Dinesen the pen name of Karen Blixen mainly ran a coffee plantation in Kenya for many years?  

    In 1914 Karen Dinesen married a distant Swedish cousin, Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke, and the couple moved to Kenya, where they established and ran a coffee plantation, hiring African workers. Initially life in Africa for the pair was blissful as Karen wrote, "Here at long last one was in a position not to give a damn for all conventions, here was a new kind of freedom which until then one had only found in dreams!"

    Perhaps with wiki, our young people will have more awareness than I did when I was small.

    Also a site with women inventors such as this:

    Mary Anderson
    Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper. Anderson was issued a patent for the wipers in 1905.

    Edith Flanigen
    Flanigen was the inventor of a petroleum refining method and is considered one of the most inventive chemists of all time.

    Helen Free
    Free was the inventor of the home diabetes test.

    Sally Fox
    Sally Fox invented naturally-colored cotton.

    Lillian Gilbreth
    Lillian Moller Gilbreth was an inventor, author, industrial engineer, industrial psychologist, and mother of twelve children.

    Sarah E. Goode
    Sarah Goode was the first African American women to receive a U.S. patent.

    Bette Nesmith Graham
    Graham invented liquid paper, also known as White-Out™.

    Temple Grandin
    Temple Grandin invented livestock-handling devices.

    Beulah Henry
    All told, Henry made about 110 inventions and holds 49 patents

    Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
    Hodgkin used x-rays to find the structural layouts of atoms and to discover the overall molecular shape of over 100 molecules including: penicillin, vitamin B-12, vitamin D and insulin.

    Krisztina Holly
    Co-invented the telephony software called Visual Voice.

    Erna Schneider Hoover
    Hoover invented the computerized telephone switching system.

    and many more...

    "Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you. They are unique manifestations of the human spirit." Wade Davis

    by cfk on Sun Sep 16, 2007 at 05:36:13 PM PDT

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