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View Diary: The Nightmare of DHS´s *Secure Flight* (301 comments)

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  •  that's entry on the US border, though... (3+ / 0-)
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    and while disturbing, it's not a direct correlation to international flights that avoid the US completely.  The Canadians don't have the stupidity of the least not yet.

    •  Just saying (8+ / 0-)

      that folk should not get too comfortable with the notion of Canada as the 'sane' alternative. There's a lot of stuff happening up here that is all too reminiscent of what you've gone through the past six years.

      The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

      by FrankFrink on Mon Sep 17, 2007 at 12:22:28 PM PDT

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      •  that's a shame... (3+ / 0-)

        ...because my experiences going through YYZ and YOW have always been less painful than US airports.

        •  We have a no-fly list now (11+ / 0-)

          amon other things. Apparently it is not as onerous as the US no-fly but among other things:

          1. An 15-year old middle-class suburban caucasian boy and a 10-year old who share the same name have been snared by it already. And of course, once your name is on the list you can't get it off the list.

          Major Butt and her husband were told the boy may be blacklisted for life.

          What is particularly galling, Major Butt said, is the suggestion from the airlines that perhaps it would be best to change the child’s name.

          "I am angry because I am being punished for having the same name as someone who is a threat of some kind," Ontario’s Alistair Butt said Friday.

          1. No one in the Canadian government will outright answer whether or not this no-fly lost is shared with other countries or even exactly what no-fly lists are employed in Canada.

          An airline official told the parents — Keith and Major Heather Butt — that Alistair’s name was on a no-fly list, but wouldn’t say whether it was the Canadian, U.S., or the airline’s own list.

          Elswehere, the Canadian Conservative government seems to almost treat the RCMP as it's own private security force.

          The RCMP hustled journalists from a Charlottetown, P.E.I. hotel lobby to prevent them from approaching Conservative MPs attending their party's summer caucus meeting.

          "No cameras, no mics," one plainclothed RCMP officer told CTV News on Wednesday. "That is what the party asked."

          The Canadian Press reported that one officer said he was acting on the orders of the Prime Minister's Office.

          The reporters weren't near the actual caucus meetings, which are closed-door affairs.

          And they do things on the sly - i.e. 'It's not really a secret but we weren't going to tell you, hoping you wouldn't notice'.

          That last one was also crossposted here at dKos.

          And have you heard of 'Project Shiprider'? Quietly implemented with no legislation, no public notification, no public debate.

          We're finding more stuff like this almost daily. The changes are small and incremental at the moment, so a visitor likley wouldn't notice anything too drastic, but the neo-con agenda is slowly being rolled out up here. We've got (more and more) bad sh*t happening here, too.

          The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

          by FrankFrink on Mon Sep 17, 2007 at 01:45:39 PM PDT

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          •  Canada´s right turn (5+ / 0-)

            in the person of Stephen Harper, is scary. I liked it when relations between Washington and Ottawa were tepid. How could this happen to the most polite people on the planet?

            Everyone does better when EVERYONE does better.

            by Blue Patriot Woman on Mon Sep 17, 2007 at 02:59:00 PM PDT

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            •  Liberal Party corruption (4+ / 0-)

              That's what did it. They had to be voted out and sent to the corner with a dunce cap on for a bit of a time out. Harper would have been the only really viable alternative on a national scale, and we made sure to only give him a short leash (i.e. minority government).

              What would be truly scary is if he gets a majority government the next time around.

              Unfortunately for the Liberals they are a quite broken down party at the moment. They are not particularly strongly united and the AdScam scandal will not be soon forgotten or forgiven, particularly in Quebec. The Conservatives also currently have a 'war chest' twice the size of the Liberals.

              While I more naturally lean towards the NDP and Greens then do not stand a real chance of forming a government anytime soon.

              So, unless or until the Liberals reinvent themselves and are far enough removed from the previous corruption the best we can hope for is minority governments, likely Conservative.

              If they move away from pen and paper ballots up here then we'll know the fix is in.

              The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

              by FrankFrink on Mon Sep 17, 2007 at 04:03:59 PM PDT

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