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  •  Got to go with the honest, unassailable Kucinich (0+ / 0-)

    We've got to go with the honest, unassailable candidate. Conservative voters will respect his consistency and honesty.

    You admit that you like him. Yet you let fear win over your heart and put work into a candidate that is less likely to fair well in the general election?

    If Hillary gets the nod, the 2008 elections in Minnesota will be about Minnesota, we can ignore Hillary and the national race - and try to achieve something non-corporatist and pro-peace locally.

    What will the peace community do in New Hampshire? Surely not volunteer for Hillary?

    •  I am an NH peace activist (0+ / 0-)

      I'm also a town Democratic Vice Chair.  I worked for Dean, in fact I worked for McGovern so please don't question my so-called progressive credentials.

      Yes, I said I like Dennis and it is really for his total honesty.  I do not agree with him on certain issues such as a quick pullout.  Being President means that sometimes one has to be a realist and look at all aspects of a problem.  The end does not justify the means, But the end is critically important.

      Hillary understands that the end of this conflict and the 20 - 50 years post Iraq rely on what we do today.

      We don't get do-overs and can't take back the war but isn't it obvious that today we are paying with lives for the mistakes of the Bush years.  I don't want my future grandkids to pay for mistakes made by our next President.  I want a President who will not make rash decisions, who will listen to all sides, who will look forward and think about all possible effects of her actions.

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