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View Diary: DOJ Dread Exposed: Destruction of AT&T (260 comments)

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    bara, Bensdad, Coherent Viewpoint

    Also unhook from AT&T Comcast cable TV (switch to satellite), and unhook from AT&T Yahoo internet services (get a local ISP).

    Unfortunately, while that may put a dent in AT&T, it isn't going to do a lot for overall privacy, as I still suspect that other ISPs/Telcos have similar mechanisms in place (or use AT&T backbones at some point).

    Instead, we should be focusing on ways to make Internet and VoIP activity "snoop-proof". Mandatory use of strong-encryption and open-source client software that's undergone multiple third-party security audits. Use of anonymizers and other routing platforms to thwart the use of traffic and social-network analysis (which is based on the premise that even if I can't read your mail or phone calls, knowing who you call, when and how often is still a valuable source of information). And alternative communication infrastructures such as WiFi/WiMAX mesh networking, possibly ran as local co-ops.

    These days, it's not enough to assume that the Internet is simply "untrusted", but in fact openly and aggressively hostile. And not just by spammers, phishers and the like...

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